about xseptXsept is a West Texas Hip hop musician based in Lubbock Texas. His name originates from writing graff with a tight-knit crew in HS known as The Gifted Kings (TGK). Amongst fellow artists it was important to find a name just as UNIQUE. He says, “Xsept stems from a phrase I once read in a graf magazine – Accept Me”.

Encouraged to challange his introversion, Xsept pursued an outlet for expression. His creative writing developed in to other passions and outlets that support his need for INSPIRING others.

Becoming an audio engineer, film director, photographer, and graphic designer have all developed out of fine tuning his aratistic vision. This combination of skills prove this Texas musician self-made and RESOURCEFUL.

Xsept has graduated with an Associates in Sound Technology from South Plains College in 2004.

Xsept uses his RESOURCES to create UNIQUE, & INSPIRING hip-hop music.


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