Good friends, good times




BANO, Austin TX

This weekend I visited my good friends that now live in Austin. I had the pleasure of eating lunch with them and getting caught up on all the latest life changes, successes, and hurdles.

Later that evening I had a special treat of being shown a few local galleries and walls that they’ve been ‘writing’ on. There were so many great views and beautiful art in the Capital of Texas, it make me remember why im so proud of this state.

I am even more proud to show off a couple of their recent pieces. Which you see here.

I admire their great ambitions and passions as they continue to pursue their dreams, goals. Most importantly I appreciate that I have been fortunate that I’m surrounded by wonderful souls who put GOD and Family first. Amidst the nostalgia I’m reminded about friendship and how no matter where you are and any differences you may have it’s always good to have people in your corner that you love and cherish.

If you’re in the Austin area or visiting be sure to visit this wall and support the arts. Located on 5th between Comal and Chicon.

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