Shape of my Heart [Official Music Video] Released

SOMH - State Stone, Xsept, Slim The PhenomenonBefore the year ends I would like to announce the release of our new music video “Shape of my Heart”, which is a feature of Slate Stone, Slim The Phenomenon, and Myself. This project was complete for sometime now. Just needed to find the right time to release it. It was a solid push from Slate who set a schedule for it.

The vision and concept were originally mine. I wanted this song to have a gangster-esque feel to it. I wanted a performance video which is why there isn’t much of a plot. The 1954 Bel Air was lent to us by Fred Rodriguez and a perfect fit to our costumes, & site. The hats and crisp pressed shirts set a mood for a time when confidence and self-respect reflects how you presented yourself.

When deciding a scene I wanted somewhere new but still represented the unique architecture of West Texas’ Town Squares. Downtown Lubbock is great for that but I still wanted a place that was not easy to recognize. So we took a small ride to Idalou’s Main Street.

Slate Stone & I quickly put our creative hats together to set up a basic shot list. Once we started shooting it was a little difficult since i usually do all the camera work. Slate Stone has worked on his camera chops and didn’t hesitate to grab the camera and assisted in filming for my performances.

The summer heat had its role too. We stayed hydrated and tried to take each take quickly just to step out of the sun.

As always, Slim was professional and stepped up with each take to give an entertaining performance.

Each verse has its own perspective on passions, respect, and love. I hope you enjoy the video and this insight to behind the scenes.



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