Aberration: May 2014 Release of new FREE MUSIC!

Aberration-Xsept & Hunter


Titled after an idea of abnormality, and divergence. This new project features Hunter on six new songs and available for free download.

After a semester of study groups and test stress. Fellow artist Hunter and I scheduled writing sessions every-other week and composed a few original songs along with homage to some influential familiars.

In the end we arrived to this interesting collection of scats and illogical metaphors. I’m happy to have another release and even more about being able to collaborate with such raw talent. Each track is a step up in developing style.

Don’t forget to visit Hunter on his soundcloud page.

Click the image to download this free album on DropBox or Google Drive

Prepping for a new release

Today I begin collecting materials for a release of new free music. Aberration is going to be the title of this collection. It features hi-cee(hunter) who spent the past three months with me in the studio for impromptu sessions on Sundays. Songs are completed and ready to duplicate. So as we shift gears to marketing, and promoting I am im happy that I get to hand this out to new listeners. Check back on to see the final press up. Contact me to get your free CD! And for you high class baller out there be on the look out for a cassette release of the project. #goodmusic. #cassetteclassic


Press Me – featuring Illyrix

I found this song deep in the archives. It’s will feature as apart of the collabo tape that is in the works. I’m serious, released on physical cassette tapes. That’s how I’m going to hand it out. FREE MUSIC!!!

It was nice to hear Illyrix on the feature, I think his punchlines are clever.

The hook:

Come and press, as I catch my breathe,

I never meant to rest this much (bet).

(With) the time that’s left, let me catch my breathe,

I never meant to make this mess.

comment: sometime when you do nothing, the result is double the effort to make things right


Press Me

TTU collabo with Hi Cee

listen to this track now

For Super Bowl Sunday I went to the studio to finish up a mix for a three song set we had started for Hi Cee a few weeks ago. Most had already been premixed so it was just a few tweak and some premastering to complete the  approved versions.
In effort to not waste any session time I asked him to join me for a quick writing session. As a guest he selected an awesome instrumental from a well know song “Survival Tactics”.
I found our techniques vary in that I scratched out words and revisions where he typed his lyrics out on his iPhone. I should try that next time because my handwriting is tough to read sometimes. I thought it was an interesting statement to our styles and process about how differences can bring artist together in music.
Check out this song we just finished today on the music page of xsept.com.

In Session with Hunter Carrithers (hi cee)

Hunter Carrithers is a Houston Rapper that attends Texas Tech University and is pursing an undergraduate degree in Marketing.

I had the pleasure of Engineering a few songs for him today. As he prepares for new releases he continues to grow in his writing abilities. Hunter has confidence and a solid work ethic that other artist can aspire to. Check out his music and watch this short interview.

Good friends, good times




BANO, Austin TX

This weekend I visited my good friends that now live in Austin. I had the pleasure of eating lunch with them and getting caught up on all the latest life changes, successes, and hurdles.

Later that evening I had a special treat of being shown a few local galleries and walls that they’ve been ‘writing’ on. There were so many great views and beautiful art in the Capital of Texas, it make me remember why im so proud of this state.

I am even more proud to show off a couple of their recent pieces. Which you see here.

I admire their great ambitions and passions as they continue to pursue their dreams, goals. Most importantly I appreciate that I have been fortunate that I’m surrounded by wonderful souls who put GOD and Family first. Amidst the nostalgia I’m reminded about friendship and how no matter where you are and any differences you may have it’s always good to have people in your corner that you love and cherish.

If you’re in the Austin area or visiting be sure to visit this wall and support the arts. Located on 5th between Comal and Chicon.